Welcome to the extraordinary world of Weimar-Era Berlin. Ever wondered what went on in the bars, clubs, cabarets, theatres and dancehalls of the German capital between 1919 and 1933? Look no further! Here you can explore the amazing people, venues, places and songs that made this one of the most vibrant cities on earth.

Buckle up, it’s a wild ride!

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The Alabama Song

The Alabama Song

The Alabama Song first appeared in a collection of five poems published by Bertholt Brecht in 1927, called Die Hauspostille. It was written in English and performed by Brecht, to his own music, on stages all over Berlin. He was soon approached by an unlikely collaborator, the classical composer Kurt Weill, who was impressed with …

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Hans Albers

Hans Albers

Hans Albers moved to Berlin after World War I and found work playing comic roles in theatre and cabaret. After appearing in over 100 silent films, his big break came in the first German talking movie Die Nacht gehört uns (The Night Belongs to Us) in 1929. He then starred alongside Marlene Dietrich in Der …

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Siegfried Arno

Siegfried Arno

The extraordinary career of Hollywood star Sig Arno is mostly remembered through the 150 films he appeared in from 1921 to 1962, but his roots in the cabaret scene of Weimar Berlin is a lesser told story. Born Siegfried Aron in Hamburg in December 1895, he attended the Talmud Torah school before training as a …

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”The car whirled along the black Avus, into the immense darkness of the winter countryside. Giant reflector signs glittered for a moment in the headlight beams, expired like burnt-out matches. Already Berlin was a reddish glow in the sky behind us, dwindling rapidly beyond a converging forest of pines. The searchlight on the Funkturm swung …

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When people don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow,
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Isherwood’s Neighbourhood:
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Discover the origins of the Oscar-winning film on this walking tour exploring author Christopher Isherwood’s life in decadent 1920s Berlin.